Estimating your *2023- Princeton University Bill

If you are a prospective applicant who will need financial aid, you may want to first visit the financial aid estimator. If you will not apply for aid, enter "0" Princeton University Grant. To estimate your 2021-22 bill, click here

If you are an enrolled student receiving financial aid, log in to "My Financial Aid" to find your most recent grant information.

Indicate your class year, anticipated Student Health Plan participation, the amount of your grant from Princeton and the amount of grants/scholarships from outside sources.

The estimated bill assumes freshmen and sophomores will participate in the unlimited meal plan option, while juniors and seniors will be asked to indicate their anticipated meal plan.

The Princeton Bill Estimator is for informational purposes only. The accuracy of the information you provide on the worksheet affects the accuracy of your estimated results. The Bill Estimator is not an actual bill. University charges are estimated and subject to change.