Welcome to the Faculty Computer Program Application

Please log in below using your netID and password to view faculty eligible for FCP in your department.

Department FCP Access Management Site Login Page (FCP Owners Only)
Use the above link to log in to the Department FCP Access Managment Site to:
Grant permission to log in this page (See below)
Assign FCP Purchaser Role to Prime Requisition Creators & Requisition Approvers
Grant staff members FCP Editor permissions to the FCP Reporting Tool

Reminder: All Prime Requisition Creators & Requisition Approvers must be assigned the FCP Purchaser role to submit FCP orders.
Contact the Academic Unit's Manager for FCP Owner Information


FCP Department Roles

FCP Owner (Usually the Academic Unit Manager)
  • Assign FCP Purchaser role to department staff with Requisition Creator or Requisition Authorizer permissions in Prime.
  • Manage access to FCP Application (FCP Purchaser) and FCP Faculty Order Reporting Tool (FCP Editor)
  • Read access to the FCP Order Report Tool
  • Are not authorize to submit FCP orders. FCP Owners would need to assign themselves the FCP Purchaser and/or FCP Editor if they need access of the roles.
FCP Purchaser
  • A staff member with Requisition Creator or Requisition Approver permissions in Prime, for the department, and assigned the FCP Purchaser role.
  • Authorized to submit FCP computer orders in Prime using the department FCP chartstring.
  • FCP Purchasers have access to the FCP Application to view eligible faculty and the maximum reimbursement amount for each FCP Computer vendor.
  • Read access to FCP Faculty Order Report Tool.

FCP Editor (Usually Department or Program SCAD member)
  • Have write access to FCP Faculty Order Report Tool to perform FCP computer setup tasks.
Feedback: faccomp@princeton.edu